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10 april 2020 05:31 av 바카라사이트


Great post! I think design also plays into encouraging people to post comments. I’ve seen on some other blogs where they change the default “leave a reply” on a new post to “Be the first to post a comment!” depending on your audience that is very inviting.

10 april 2020 05:31 av 카지노사이트


I’ll read your post and let you know what I think. But the question is, what do *you* think made a difference? How did you compell people to comment with your post and your conclusion? I bet you did something different…

10 april 2020 05:30 av 예스카지노


I think a slew of comments is a mark of popularity. But I don’t think a slew of “Great post!” adds anything or demonstrate that the post made readers think, relate, or take action. It just means they read, gave a nod of thanks, and moved on

10 april 2020 05:30 av 카지노사이트


I think if I had one reader only on my blog, that poor sucker would become my guinea pig. “Dammit, I *will* get a comment from him! But how…” Good way to test things 😉


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